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Find the Good Life LogoA workforce recruitment campaign, Find the Good Life in North Dakota was started by the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation in 2014. Find the Good Life works cooperatively with Experience ND to enhance North Dakota's image, recruit workforce and provide information about what it is like to live, work and play in North Dakota. 

North Dakota is a place of new opportunities and new residents. "New to North Dakota" showcases new residents to our state and tells the story of why they are excited to Find the Good Life in North Dakota. Use any of the stories below to showcase North Dakota in your recruitment efforts.

Something for Everybody

North Dakota's vibrant communities and excellent quality of life offer opportunities to those looking to our state as their next potential home. The videos and resources found here are provided to showcase and make shareable the stories of those who have experienced it first hand. Please use these resources as you see fit in presentations, recruitment interviews, websites, social networks, emails to friends and family. Email, embed and share the information as often as you wish. 


New to North Dakota - Find the Good Life
Vinette video featuring 6 relocators as a highlight to the series. 

The American Dream
Stephanie is happy to have found the American dream in North Dakota. A veteran and transplant from Chicago, she was excited to find it right in the middle of family, employment opportunity and quality of life.

A Place to Grow
After coming to North Dakota on a track scholarship, Thomas was excited to find a place where he could grow. He is pursuing his professional aspirations, all while raising a family and saving money. 

Building a Wonderful Life
Wendy is pursuing a wonderful life and is excited to have found all the things she loves about her home state of Kansas, and all the things she wishes it had, right here in North Dakota.

Recreation I Love 
Casey jumped at the opportunity to pursue his career in North Dakota at one of the state's premiere golf courses - Bully Pulpit. Now he's enjoying space for the recreation he loves.

Jobs Here for Everybody
Ireland is a long way from North Dakota, but Liam and his family are excited to be here. With a strong economy and jobs for everyone, Liam is pursuing his dream of owning his own business.

A Full Heart 
Paula took the leap and became a North Dakota girl. Her heart is full and she's excited by the many new friends and acceptance she's found right here in North Dakota.

View all the New to North Dakota Videos.

Join the Recruiter Network

We invite you to be a part of the Recruiter Network. This network is made up of hiring professionals from companies across the state who share: 
  1. Share best practices
  2. Help attract people to North Dakota                                     
  3. Sounding board for retention/hiring issues
Use the link above to connect and register to be notified of their upcoming meetings.

Feature Find the Good Life in your Recruitment Efforts

When potential hires are considering your business, they are looking for information about what it's like to live, work and play in North Dakota. Feel free to use the below images in your websites, emails or other recruitment efforts and link to the following sites to provide greater insights into what it means to be "North Dakotan."  
Find the Good Life Square Sample 1
Good Life Square Sample 1

Good Life Square Sample 2

GoodLifeSquareSample3.jpg 300x250.jpg
Good Life 300x250


Recruitment Tools

Looking for additional tools you can use in your recruitment efforts. Try the below resources as part of your new employee orientation or interview materials processes.

Planning Your Move to North Dakota
Answers to some of the most frequent North Dakota relocation questions. (PDF)

Tips for Military to Civilian Employment
A resource for making the transition from the military to civilian workforce a smooth one. (PDF)

Why North Dakota Handout
A resource that outlines why North Dakota could be great for you! (PDF)


Share on Social Media

The Find the Good Life Campaign works through the Experience ND social channels to spread the message that North Dakota is a great place to live, play and do business.

We encourage sharing both from our networks, and to our networks, so we can continue to spread the message that North Dakota is a place to find the good life. Remember to tag @ExperienceND or #NDLegendary in your posts. Using outside content from partners helps us engage existing audiences with relatable content and connect with new audiences.
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