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Students Wanting Apprenticeship


Apprenticeships graduates tend to advance more rapidly than other workers, so opportunities for higher-paying jobs come more quickly

Take a Bold Step Towards Your Future

As an apprentice, you will be immersed in both classroom learning and on the job training from a professional in your chosen field. Unlike college, as an apprentice you will be paid for your time spent learning a trade.

What is apprenticeship?
  • A training program where you earn wages while you learn a skilled profession in a specific field.
  • Combines classroom studies with on-the-job training supervised by a skilled professional.
  • Apprentices must: be at least 16 years of age and complete one to six years of paid/supervised work-based training & technical instruction.

Why choose apprenticeship?
  • There are currently over 1000 apprentice occupations with new ones added all the time.
  • You are taught on-the-job by experienced professionals. Certified skilled workers have more earning potential than unskilled workers.
  • Apprenticeship graduates usually advance more rapidly than other workers.
  • Apprenticeships are recognized anywhere in the United States.
  • It demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills needed for successful performance as a professional in that field.
  • Many participants obtain credit from participating community colleges toward an Associate Degree.
  • Apprenticeship programs must provide equal opportunity to all who are interested. They are eager for qualified women and minority applicants.

TrainNDtrainndmulticolored2.jpg provides employee training to ensure that North Dakota businesses are poised to fully capitalize on their potential and compete at a global level. Workforce training is the process of providing the best, most up-to-date training to employees, making them more competitive in the workforce and more valuable to an employer.

ndscs.pngThe Journeywork Track Program at the North Dakota State School of Science is designed to allow advanced standing to individuals who have completed a USDOL or federally approved apprenticeship training program of at least 6000 hours (including a minimum of 400 related study hours). It is a flexible program providing students the opportunity to earn an Associate in Applied Science degree by combining their previous apprenticeship training with college credit course work. Students will work with an advisor to design their own plan of study based on their personal career goals. The completion of this program will help students develop the skills and abilities needed for advancement in their current profession.

Individuals who are currently employed and are not able to relocate will find many of their courses are available in an online format or offered by NDSCS at a distant site. Availability of classes is limited by the student's own plan of study.

Learn more from the U.S. Department of Labor, including downloadable brochures on apprenticeship.

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